We’ll find, manage, and lease your yacht in the Balearic Islands.

We’ll find the perfect ship for you and handle the maintenance. And when you don’t need it, you’ll earn money when we lease it out.

Having your own yacht is a dream come true.

But there are several things that few people are aware of:

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Finding the perfect yacht is not only difficult and time-consuming, but also fairly high-risk.

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Maintenance is demanding and expensive. Every time you take the yacht out on the water requires hours of preparation.

And most of the time, your boat just sits there in the harbor gathering barnacles.

We not only provide you with excellent service by finding, inspecting, and transporting the perfect yacht for you, but we also handle any ongoing maintenance and repairs. And if you want, we’ll lease out your boat so you can profit from the earnings.

Some of the yachts we’re currently managing:

Leopard 102

Deine Leopard Yacht unter dem Central Agent Johannes Haller


Finally Yacht verwaltet von Haller Eperiences

Vanquish VQ82

Vanquish VQ82 Yacht bei Haller Experiences

Frauscher 1017 FT

Frauscher 1017 FT Yacht bei Central Agent Haller Experiences auf den Balearen

Einige der Yachttypen, die wir aktuell verwalten:

Leopard 102

Deine Leopard Yacht unter dem Central Agent Johannes Haller


Finally Yacht verwaltet von Haller Eperiences

Vanquish VQ82

Vanquish VQ82 Yacht bei Haller Experiences

Frauscher 1017 FT

Frauscher 1017 FT Yacht bei Central Agent Haller Experiences auf den Balearen

The dream of having your own yacht can often turn into a nightmare

Problem 1: Finding Your Yacht

When you think of searching for the perfect yacht, you usually picture boats docked at the most beautiful places in the world. In reality, flying back and forth from A to B is extremely taxing. And if you make the wrong choice, your dream boat will turn out to be a wreck with a pretty paint job. The result: aggravation and frustration.

Problem 2: Managing Your Yacht

How do you get a place to dock at a marina? What are the legal requirements? And who will take care of your yacht? You’ll likely be doing all that yourself. This means that anytime something happens – and a yacht is no stranger to problems – all the responsibility is yours. All you wanted was to relax on your yacht, but you ended up more stressed than you were before.

Problem 3: Ongoing Costs and Depreciation of Your Yacht

Boats are made for sailing across the water. The worst thing for your yacht is to spend all of its time tied up at the harbor. If you want to watch your boat slowly fall apart, that’s a good way to do it. In other words: not only does your yacht come with additional maintenance costs, but it also decreases in value. Yachts can bleed money.

One Provider Who Takes Care of Everything

Purchasing and maintaining your yacht should be just as relaxing as a weekend on it. That’s our goal, which is why Haller Yacht Consulting not only makes sure you find your dream yacht, but also that it stays in top condition for the long term, even earning you money.

We’ll find your dream yacht

we’ll discuss your requirements, inspect a potential purchase for you, find the right financing (even if multiple parties intend to buy the boat jointly), and have your yacht inspected by an external appraiser before the sale. We’re globally connected and can negotiate the best price for you. You can relax and focus on the decision to purchase.

We’ll handle the logistics

no matter where you buy your boat, we’ll transport it to your dock, wherever that may be. At that point, of course, the docking location, taxation, and registration have already been taken care of. Flagging the ship, finding the captain and crew, and the charter license: we take all of that off your shoulders.

We’ll keep your boat in top condition

no matter what happens: whether it’s maintenance or repairs, we’ll tend to your ship at any time, regardless of the weather.

We’ll lease out your yacht for you

so you’ll receive regular rental income whenever you aren’t using your boat yourself. This will compensate for the depreciation and ongoing costs. Some ships can even make a profit. And remember: whenever you want to go for a sail on your own boat, you can. We’ll get it ready for you the way you like it.

How We Help You Get Your Dream Yacht

In the first step, we’ll look for the right yacht for you. To get things started, just schedule a free consultation. We’ll answer all your questions and go into the details of what you want your dream boat to look like. 

Do You Have Questions?

Well, we have answers.

Thanks to our worldwide network, our experience, and our honest advice, we can find the perfect boat for you faster than you could do it yourself – and it will require very little effort on your part. We also involve an outside expert to assess the boat’s condition, and we initiate negotiations with the seller. Our consulting fee allows us to be independent, without focusing on any specific brand.

No, because the worst thing for a ship is to just sit in the harbor. A ship needs to move periodically to stay in peak condition. Furthermore, you won’t have to finance the maintenance yourself. Instead, you’ll simply reinvest your rental income. 

Your boat belongs to you. This means that of course you can use it yourself at any time. Just let us know when you need the boat and we’ll prepare it so you can set out on a relaxing holiday right away. 

It depends on how much you want to spend. They start in the mid-six-figure range, but you can also invest millions. We’re happy to advise you about financing, even if two people want to buy a yacht together. What’s most important is that you minimize ongoing costs and depreciation by having someone take care of maintenance and rental. 

We’re not tied to one location or brand. We’ll find your dream yacht, regardless of whether it’s anchored on the Balearic Islands, in Mexico or in Australia. 

We’ll take care of that, too. Although many harbors are reserved decades in advance, we have excellent contacts that will make it easier for you to get a berth in the Balearic Islands. 

Do you have any further questions?
Schedule a free consultation. We’re happy to help you!

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